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Warm Welcomes. Happy Grins.

What to Expect at Your Child’s First Visit

At Cedar Brook Pediatric Dentistry, you and your kiddo can always expect a cheerful greeting from a crew that really cares. Dr. Naomi and our thoughtful team will focus on getting to know your family and making sure your little one feels comfortable every step of the way. From their first visit and beyond, our goal is to support your child with personalized preventive tips and playful education to ensure a strong smile for years to come!

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What to Bring to the Appointment

Stress-Free Visits Stem Here

Making life easier for proactive parents like you is something that’s always on our minds. To help you and your little one enjoy a smooth, stress-free appointment, please remember to take along the following items:

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Insurance Information

We accept an array of dental insurance plans at our office! Our knowledgeable team is happy to verify your child’s treatment options and maximize their benefits. 

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Digital New Patient Forms

Our paperless forms can be completed from the comfort of home, so you can step into your child’s first visit and focus on what matters most – their smile! 

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Their Favorite Toy or Blanket

Whether it’s a well-loved teddy bear or an oh-so snuggly blanket, having a familiar comfort close by can make all the difference in your kiddo’s courage!

Planting the Seeds for Success

How to Prepare Your Child for Their Dental VisiT

If it’s your little one’s first trip to the dentist, we’re honored to be your partner in giving your child the best start to their smile journey. One of the best ways you can prepare your little brusher for their appointment is by making daily dental habits fun! Instill meaningful connections with their oral care by playing their favorite tune while you polish those chompers together. Leading up to their first visit, you can also incorporate kid-friendly books and videos that teach them all about the dentist. By introducing professional smile care as a fun adventure, you can help your little one feel genuinely excited about visiting their new dental buddies!

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