Why Would a Child Need a Crown Instead of Filling?

If your child has a cracked, chipped, or decayed tooth, you need to seek dental care to prevent further damage. Your dentist can either recommend a dental crown or a filling. A dental crown is a cap that protects the whole tooth's structure against damage. Alternatively, a dental filling uses a composite resin to fill a hole in the tooth and prevent tooth decay.

If your pediatric dentist suggests one treatment method over the other, it is essential to find out why.

When Would a Child Require a Dental Crown?

Depending on the child's teeth condition, your pediatric dentist may recommend a dental crown procedure. Here are situations where your child may need a dental crown instead of a filling:

Tooth Decay

Children consume a lot of sugary drinks and foods that gradually cause severe tooth decay. The sugars stick to the teeth easily and can affect the enamel if left unattended. As a result, the deterioration slowly forces the tooth to erode, creating a cavity.

When there is decay on one or several teeth, the dentist may recommend that your child get a filling. However, when the tooth erodes to a point where the dental filling isn't enough, your dentist will suggest getting a crown. Your child should practice oral hygiene daily to prevent decay and further damage.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Since your child may not always be cautious, they are susceptible to tooth damage such as cracks and chips. Your child's teeth can crack or chip if they engage in rough play or specific sports.

A broken or chipped tooth could result from a hit on the lips or the face. Your Southborough pediatric dentist can use dental crowns to protect a chipped or cracked tooth and restore your child's normal chewing functions.

Prevention of Malocclusions

When your child's tooth is severely destroyed or is lost prematurely, the adjacent teeth tend to occupy the gap, making it difficult for adult teeth to erupt. This can cause bite problems. The recovery of the anatomy of primary teeth with crowns facilitates the eruption of adult teeth. The temporary element preserves the spaces and guides tooth eruption.

Improving Tooth Appearance and Function

Dentists use crowns to enhance your child's tooth's appearance since they perform a critical role in tooth restoration. Crown placement is the last stage of an implant procedure. The dental implant act as the tooth root while the crown restores the tooth's functioning. The pediatric dentist may also recommend dental crowns to mask a discolored or stained tooth and to repair the biting surface of your child's tooth.

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